Performance management helps maximise people’s potential, achieve organisational goals, improve employee engagement and raise performance levels…if it is done well.

Well conducted performance review meetings provide a fantastic opportunity for managers and team members to exchange views, better understand each other, improve motivation and identify the way forwards for individuals.  

Yet in spite of the benefits 1 to 1s are so often left on the back burner, with six months, a year or even longer in between those individual meetings. Why?

This management training course will help leaders develop their confidence in dealing effectively with 1 to 1s; avoid common pitfalls and issues; be able to give both positive and negative feedback in an appropriate constructive manner; and ensure they feel more comfortable with the practicalities of sitting down with a team member on a 1 to 1 basis.  

What Does this Performance Review Training Cover?

  • What exactly is performance management?
  • Understanding what affects people’s performance in the workplace
  • PDRs – why bother?  
  • Common pitfalls and issues in 1 to 1s
  • Giving feedback confidently – positive, negative, constructive and making it count
  • Setting objectives with your staff; clarifying work objectives and behavioural standards; using SMART and other target setting options
  • Dealing with 1 to 1meetings – preparing beforehand; practicalities and building rapport; taking a coaching approach to the conversation; handling differences of opinion
  • Getting to grips with the paperwork and process
  • Creative development – looking for different ways to provide personal development
  • Finishing the 1 to 1 with an agreed way forward; next steps and follow up