Are your managers equipped with 21st-century leadership skills?

Are they maximising the effectiveness and potential of their people?
Do they build team spirit and drive performance?
Are they creating a collaborative, positive workplace?

Our in-person workshops will fine tune those people-management skills:

From Friend to Team Leader

2 day programme: 19 September and 17 October - £575 + vat pp

Build strong team relationships; improve communication; give meaningful feedback; plan and organise your team and workload; get to grips with motivation and understand what makes people tick.

The step up from being one of the team to the team leader is often the most challenging step we take in our people management careers. Making that move draws an invisible line in the sand and can be a difficult transition to make.

This two day programme provides a solid foundation and understanding of the skills essential to the role of team leader. It will help team leaders develop a practical understanding of the role and responsibilities of heading up a team or section and how to maintain and improve the effectiveness of their teams.

This programme will be particularly suitable for those who have no previous training, for newly appointed or soon to be appointed team leaders.

Day 1 – Stepping into the role

  • Understanding the role in the work environment; bridging personal barriers
  • What are your responsibilities? – skills and qualities required
  • Your team leader style – how do others see you?
  • Effective communication – how well do you communicate at all levels?
  • The importance and benefits of communication; regular team briefings
  • Individual communication skills – assertiveness; handling conflict and disagreement
  • Personal effectiveness – your self-awareness and behaviour
  • Leading by example – essential leadership skills for the workplace; delegation

Day 2 – Moving things forward

  • Motivation – getting the best out of individuals and the team; understanding what makes people tick
  • Planning and organisational skills
  • Understanding teams and effective teamwork – setting objectives
  • What makes a successful team? Building team spirit and giving feedback
  • Recognising your key strengths and areas for development
  • Action plans

Please note, Day 2 will be approximately one month after Day 1, to allow time for individual actions to be implemented.

Essential Leadership Skills for Managers

12 October - £325 + vat pp

Inspire your team to great things; improve self-awareness, emotional intelligence and approachability; adapt leadership styles; distinguish between leading and managing; build positive relationships, recognise contributions and gain people’s commitment.

Are you a leader or a manager? Have you ever considered whether there’s a difference? This workshop focuses on enhancing your management skills by broadening your leadership approach.

Self-awareness, emotional intelligence and the ability to adapt your style and build positive relationships at work are crucial to your effectiveness as a leader. This one day session will help managers explore and understand how to better inspire and lead their team, create a motivating environment and drive success at work.

  • Key 21st century characteristics – what we expect of our workplace leaders today
  • Managing and/or Leading?
  • Authentic leadership – what exactly is it? And why should anyone be led by you?
  • What do you personally bring to the table? Personal traits and behaviours
  • Self-awareness and recognising the effect we have on others
  • Emotional Intelligence: understanding the elements of EI and what they mean for you as leader
  • Building positive relationships; key rapport-building skills
  • Exploring motivation – what drives you and what makes other people tick
  • Recognising contributions and gaining people’s commitment
  • Next steps – maintaining momentum and moving forward

Get Organised, Get Delegating!

2 November - £325 + vat pp

A time management refocus to help managers prioritise, organise, delegate, manage and maximise effectiveness and efficiency at work; control time stealers, stop faffing, delegate properly and think ahead.

For managers, poor time management is like riding on a ferris wheel – there is the sensation of movement, but when the ride stops, you are in exactly the same place you were when you got on!

This one day session will help managers become more organised and stay more organised! It will help you use proactive time and stress management skills to drive the achievement of your key tasks and objectives and better control workplace pressures. It will empower you to prioritise work effectively, delegate effectively and confidently, deal with interruptions and finish the working day with a feeling that you have actually achieved something!

  • Defining effective time management – where does work life balance fit in?
  • Common time issues we face and the symptoms of poor time management
  • Analysing how we spend our time – where does your time actually go?
  • Identifying time wasters and time stealers; taking control and protecting your time
  • Stress – recognizing the symptoms and causes; taking preventative measures
  • Prioritising successfully – what needs to be done and when; urgent v. important
  • Planning ahead – tips and techniques to schedule workload; delegating the right task to the right person at the right time
  • Controlling interruptions, responding to deadlines, saying no, maximising your time
  • Action Points – what will you do differently tomorrow as a result of today?

Let’s Talk…Effective Performance Reviews and 1 to 1s

8 November - £325 + vat

Gain confidence to handle 1 to 1s in a proactive way; feel comfortable giving feedback; lead a performance review conversation; give constructive praise; help poor performers and think creatively about personal development plans.

Performance management helps maximise people’s potential, achieve organisational goals, improve employee engagement and raise performance levels…but only if it’s done well!

Well conducted performance review meetings provide a fantastic opportunity for managers and their team members to exchange views, better understand each other, improve motivation and identify the way forwards for individuals.

Yet in spite of the benefits, 1 to 1s are so often left on the back burner, with six months, a year or even longer in between those individual meetings. Why? Often because it just feels awkward…

This workshop will help managers develop confidence in dealing with 1 to 1s; avoid common pitfalls and issues; give both positive and negative feedback in an appropriate constructive manner; and ensure they feel more comfortable with actually sitting down with a team member on a 1 to 1 basis.

  • What exactly is performance management? And why bother?
  • Understanding what affects people’s performance in the workplace
  • Common pitfalls and issues in 1 to 1s and how to avoid them
  • Giving feedback confidently – positive, negative, constructive
  • Setting work objectives and behavioural standards; using SMART and other target setting options
  • The practicalities of 1 to 1 meetings – preparing beforehand; making people feel at ease; taking a coaching approach; handling differences of opinion
  • Getting to grips with the paperwork and process so the meeting flows smoothly
  • Creative development – looking for different ways to provide personal development opportunities
  • Finishing the 1 to 1 with an agreed way forward

Clear, Confident and Collaborative: Maximising Team Communication

23 November - £325 + vat pp

Maximise communication with your team and with individuals; build a collaborative, open culture; develop strong communication across your organisation; develop a team communication strategy and maximise networking opportunities confidently.

Skilful leaders make sure they’re getting the right message across, at the right time, to the right people, in the right place, in the right way.

Sounds straightforward…but communication can be challenging for team leaders. It is, however, a crucial skill to develop to ensure that everyone is united as a team, moving forward in the same direction and engaged on both a personal and a team basis.

Communicating effectively as a leader is about adapting to the working context and environment you find yourself in; creating a connection with others (even those you find more difficult) and selecting the right mode of communication – whether that’s 1 to 1, team meeting or informal small groups.

This one day workshop will help managers review and refocus their communication approach, drawing on their strengths as communicators and developing a strategic communication plan for their team.

  • The role of the leader as communicator, influencer and listener
  • The communication process – simple, just not easy…
  • Overcoming barriers and focusing on your purpose
  • Organisational communication – keeping everyone informed – management, your team, individual team members and ensuring smooth flow lines
  • Creating an open, collaborative culture in your team’s workplace
  • Building rapport and dealing with different personality styles
  • Developing a team communication strategy for the next twelve months – exploring different options for your team
  • Personal Action Plans

🕤 9.30am until 4.30pm

Tea/coffee on arrival from 9.15am

📍 Village Hotel

Tempus Drive, Walsall WS2 8TJ

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